I noticed many people in my Facebook are struggling with their businesses and getting sales. Let me help you out with…

Posted by Jeevan Sahadevan on Ahad, 23 September 2018

I noticed many people in my Facebook are struggling with their businesses and getting sales. Let me help you out with some powerful changes:

1) You can change ANYTHING (yes ANYTHING) in 100 days. All you need is daily consistent work. As of today it is exactly 100 days to 2019 so sit down right now with a pen and paper and write what you would like to achieve (one big goal) in your business or sales, 100 days from now, when you bring in that New Year’s champagne. Choose 1 incredible goal. Then do Number 2 to 6.

2) Use what I call: Forward Movement Progress. Once you have that goal, write down every single thing you will do, your TOP 5 for every single day of the 100 days to achieve that BIG Goal. Go all out! No more than a top 5 list and if you’re exhausted from writing so much then stop about 10 days in and continue again as you finish some of your days towards 100 whilst learning from them. Everyday complete a Top 5 list of Tasks! It can be the same things or different or a combination but always 5. And DO NOT have dinner until all 5 are done! Dinner is your reward. This completion of 5 tasks every single day will give you massive Forward Movement Progress and you’ll reach the goal before the 100 days are up.

3) Get resourceful. Don’t do this alone. Recruit your staff to help you or ask friends for advice or help or hire a coach but do it together with someone or some people. The age of the individual is over. It is now the age of the team.

4) Get out there. Join functions, networking clubs etc as the more people you meet in these 100 days the more opportunities you have to sell and market. Go for a function a day if you have to. There’s BNI, rotary, networking groups, fb groups meet ups, One to one meet ups and so on.

5) Read books on Sales and marketing as it’ll load you up with ideas whilst other people are complaining, moaning and groaning about the economy.

6) Finally, have 10 (5 and 5) I am and I Declare statements that you say out loud every single day with emotion and confidence twice a day. This works ridiculously well when done as I mentioned. Ie “I am fantastic at closing sales.” Or “I declare I will achieve my goal by Christmas”.

Share this with your friends and may you Finish Strong in 2018 and celebrate the New Year like a Champion!