Jeevan Sahadevan’s 5 Advanced Methods for growing your business faster and bigger in the coming months (MAY 2017):

1) Penetrate at least new market each year. Often entrepreneurs get comfortable serving their current markets only. A new market can be a new target market or even a new country

2) Add a new product or service to your business that you can sell to your various markets. This will increase your average sale or give a client another reason to return to you.

3) Purchase a new competitive business or a business that currently complements your services. Many companies are going bust so pick them up for a song and sell their products to your existing and new clients

4) Form an alliance with a business that sells to the same market as you do but doesn’t compete with you and offer them something to sell to their database. Then do this with 10 more businesses.

5) Buy jeevan coffee and learn to double your business. But I do prefer decaf though.

Do share this with entrepreneur friends of yours who want to grow their businesses a lot quicker.