Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ??

You might be asking yourself,
Why am I eating a bucket of Zucks?

A better question might be,
Why did I take the time to photoshop myself eating a bucket of Zucks?

Doesn’t Matter, and trust me.
The less you know, the better. ?

Today I want to talk to you about the Holy Grail of eCommerce. The “Winning Product”.

Those of you that don’t know what a winning product is, its basically a product (or offer) that has HUGE POTENTIAL to generate large amounts of revenue, and when found, is almost like winning the Lottery… ?

Or is it…?

A winning product, has NOTHING to do with the product.

and has ALL TO DO with YOU.

Great, then continue reading.

The “Winning Product”.
That product (or offer), that from the very first ad, you just know its a winner.
Insane engagement, shares,
purchases already coming in at less than $5 spent.

You already know you’re about to scale this to the MOON ?

Most advertisers see this as a “jackpot” moment.
That the Gods of eCommerce have finally gifted them and taken them out of their misery of low ROI.

Most advertisers see it as a numbers game:
“The more products I test, the closer I get to that WINNING PRODUCT!”

Let me tell you something. ⛔️

A winning product has actually almost nothing to do with the product.


The determining factor of a winning product is based solely on…


Marketing can turn ANY PRODUCT into a WINNING PRODUCT.
Now, don’t confuse Marketing, with Advertising.

Marketing is the STORY behind the product, the ANGLE that you take with it. Advertising is just the tool to show that story.

So please stop throwing money on ads like a recovering Gambling addict that’s hoping that the 21 is coming soon.

So how do we turn any product,
into a winning product?

Firstly, we need to understand…
Why do people buy products?

Do they like brands and buy anything with a logo on it?
Is it because they think it’s cool? ?
Is it because they think it will make them rich? ?
Is it because they think it will get them laid? ?

What we as marketers need to understand, is that people don’t buy products.

They buy STORIES

Or more accurately, they buy the story that they play in their mind when they have the product.


If you can tie the right story to the right product, you will ALWAYS have winning products.

And when you take these winning products, and get the story in front of the right audience, you will have winning campaigns and a very bright eCommerce future.

STOP looking for winning products! ?


A good example will be the famous LED light up dog collar that went viral a couple years back. Basically the collar has the ability to light up at night, and it comes in a variety of colors.

Now, any advertiser, will just try and sell it as a “cool dog collar”.

“Look it lights up! Imagine how cool your dog will look!”


This is why there are so many starving business owners.
Yes, you may make some sales, yes it might even make a good 10-20k from it.

But again, thats if you’re playing the “numbers game”,

Now, an ACTUAL Marketer,
one that sees beyond the “numbers game”,
one that doesn’t settle for 10-20k a product,
and seeks the millions, will look beyond the product.

He will create a STORY.
Marketing is an Art.
Not a “copy, paste, wait” game.

So, the reason this LED dog collar went viral at the time, and generated MILLIONS, is because the company that marketed it, added a unique angle to it.

The company pulled some data and statistics and brought mass awareness to people, that millions of dogs were killed every year due to car accidents, and one of the main reasons was because dogs could not be seen easily at night.

The solution they provided, was the light up collar that could allow their dog to be seen, and dog owners to avoid tragedies like this.

Here as an example of ad copy for the LED Collar, that is super generic, has no creativity, no soul, and unfortunately is 99% of the ads I see on my feed: (THIS IS BAD)


Love this LED Dog Collar?
Get it today for 50% Off, with Free Shipping!

Get it Here >> *link*
Only 250 Left, Get it before they’re gone!


Disgusting. ?‍♂️

Here is an example of a different ad with the SAME PRODUCT, but with a STORY:

Over 6,000,000 Dogs Were Killed Last Year. ?
Car Accident Statistics are Scary and Real.

Our LED Collar will make sure your loved one is noticeable even on the darkest nights.
Get Yours Here >> *link*

Most of the time dogs are hit for a simple reason, they cannot be seen at night if for some reason they wander into the road. ?

The driver only spots them once its too late… Even with a light colored dog, at night every dog becomes a hidden target. ⛔️

Get The Collar Here >> *link*

So, how do we help stop these easily preventable deaths? Simple: Make you and your dog more visible at night.

With our LED Dog Collars you and your dog will be spotted immediately no matter how dark! ?

Get the Collar Here >> *link
Don’t Become a Statistic ?


You see the difference?

One Ad sells an LED Collar. ?

The other Ad SAVES the life of your pet. ?

This angle allowed them to go on and generate millions.

Actually one of our latest eCommerce products generated us over 200k, in 2 weeks.

Even though we tried it a few months before as well, without any success.

The only thing we changed, is the Story.

I’ll actually be sharing a Case Study of that product on eCom Allstars, so if you want to check that out, make sure to signup here ? (Its free)

Anyway, a second example of creating a story behind a product would be last years craziest and one of the most viral products of the year…

Fidget Spinners and Fidget Cubes.

These simple toys probably would have never taken off if they were advertised as “a new toy to keep your kids happy in the car”.

In fact, the fidget spinner was created and patented by a lady named Catherine Hettinger back in the 90’s.

The product was originally named “spinning toy”.

Catherine traveled around trying to sell these products at trade shows but it never took off.

Some years later, she let the patent lapse in 2005.

Over 10 years later some marketers found this product and understood the power of creating stories that sell.

Instead of selling this as a “cool spinning toy”, a story was created that these toys could “Help kids stay focused” as a solution to attention problems.

This story combined with a new and better fitting product name (Fidget Spinner) caused these products to become one of the most viral products of 2016 – 2017.

Advertising this product correctly using a unique story and angle was absolutely crucial to this product’s success.

This product had been around for over 20 years before it went viral….

Can you imagine how many viral worthy products are out their just waiting for the right marketer to stroll across it who knows this secret? ?

“So how can I create these stories for my products?”

You want to start looking THROUGH your customers eyes. ?

Ask yourself WHO is my customer,
WHY does he need this?

✅ Is it an efficient cucumber slicer?
Tell a story (and show a picture) of a happy mother that wants to be efficient with her time, so she can go back to what she loves the most, her children.

✅ Is it a big plastic water bottle?
Tell a story on how important it is to drink 100oz of water a day, great for energy, happiness, your skin, etc.

✅ Is it a rock?
Tell a story on how hilarious it will be to buy that as a gift to your friends. (This is actually a true product that generated hundreds of thousands).

Instead of launching 5-10+ new products a week, and trying to find that “winner”. This is literally the same thing as Gambling ?

Pick a product and think what story can you tell with it.

When you understand this, you’ll notice its not about Winning Products anymore, its about Winning Stories.

Don’t be an Advertiser, ?
Be an Artist. ?

So until next time my friend,

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ??You might be asking yourself, Why am I eating a bucket of Zucks?A better question…

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