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Posted by Sebastian Gomez on Jumaat, 5 Mei 2017

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Ever Heard of Tim?

Tim shows up every time there is a thing you want to do but you’re scared of doing it.

Tim sits between you and that thing.

His job is to make sure you don’t get the thing.

He loves his job.

Mainly because Tim is lazy and stopping you from getting the thing is easy.

His strategy = the second you try to take action on your thing, he pushes his little red button and triggers the Wall of Impossible.

The wall of impossible is a seemingly impenetrable barrier that shoots up and injects itself between you and the thing you want.

The moment you see the Wall… you turn around and quit

Tim’s job = accomplished.

The tricky part about Tim is he lets you talk about the thing without triggering the wall. Which fools you into thinking that getting the thing will be easy.

Talk about the thing all you want? No prob.

But the second you take a step towards the thing, Tim freaks out and pushes his little red button.

And POOF up goes the wall of Impossible!

Dreams crushed.

Motivation zapped….

Does this sound familiar at all?

Today I’m going to show you exactly how to kill Tim, break down the Wall of Impossible and create and launch your “THING” to the world.

Hint…. That thing is a Drop Ship eCommerce Store.

Truth is, all this is hard work at the beginning (don’t let anyone full you)

Planning What product to sell and how to find it

Creating your brand and and website

Researching your market and competitors

Launching your store to the world

Managing your business

It can be extremely taxing and difficult to navigate.


But today, I want you to put all that out of your mind.

Forget about all of it.

Today I want you to do something you’ve probably never done before…

I want you to plan your Drop Ship eCommerce store launch: Pick a date, set up the major action items and put due dates on them.

In a second I’ll show you how to do each step (It’ll take less than 15-minutes)

Back to Tim for a sec

If you are reading this email, you want to start a Passive Income Drop Ship eCommerce business.

If you are reading this email, Tim and the wall of impossible have gotten in your way

Launching is made up to be this massive thing. This unconquerable event the only the super privileged and hyper focused can do.

That’s a lie.

The Wall of Impossible can be conquered.

I’ve found the key to starting (launching) a Drop Ship eCommerce business that make money and help the world isn’t being a special unicorn, it’s following a plan that works, having a guide that’ll help you work that plan and overcoming the fear. (i.e. Wall of Impossible) that will absolutely 100% arise the closer you get to launching your store.

So, today I want to help you do exactly that.

We’re going to kill Tim and blow up the wall.

You in?

Here is the plan: The only way to get past the Wall of Impossible is to move incredibly fast. Don’t overthink things. You need to have a bias towards action. Which means by the time Tim realizes what’s happened, it’ll be too late for him to do anything about it.

So, here is what you need to do right now (not tomorrow or 15-minutes from now, right now)..

Action Item #1: Pick your store launch date


Pick. Your. Store. Launch. Date.

Right now.

Here are a few parameters for you:

If you have already found and know what your winning niche is? You’re Store launch is 30 Days from now.

Haven’t found a winning niche to move forward with yet? Your Store launch is in 60 days.

Don’t know how to find a Winning product yet? That’s ok. Plenty of time to do that. Your store launch date is 10 weeks from now.

We’ll talk details later. First. Set your date. Write it down.


Action #2: Write down and schedule all 5 of your major store launch events.

Here they are:

1. Pick A Niche The Niche Picking Academy Course write down a list of 20 Niche Ideas.

2. Create your Shopify Account and register your domain (or outsource it)

3. Researching your market and competitors before moving forward

4. Set Up Your Traffic Campaign (Google Adwords and Facebook ads) we’ll show you how during our live drop ship Q&A

5. Decide if you’ll run the store or outsource it. A Big Help can also be our Drop Ship Advance Plan that is included in the Niche Picking Academy Course

Your job is to write all of these down on a piece of paper with the actual dates besides each step.


This little exercise should take no more than 15-minutes to complete. Don’t worry about what to do on these dates yet. And if you’re in the “I don’t know what my niche is yet” camp, don’t worry about that yet either.

The first step is to set your dates.

Remember: Pick your store launch date and write down your 5 major store launch events.

These are two things you need in order to get past the wall of impossible and launch your store.

1. Having a proven plan that works

2. A coach to guide you through the plan

3. Ability to overcome the fear that builds the closer you get to the Wall.


I have consistently found that people who put together a simple store launch calendar like I’ve described above launch their store and do really well from the store launch and those don’t , never end up starting their store.

So, that’s your homework for today.

Action #1: Pick your store launch date.

Action #2: Write down all your major store launch events.

Set a timer for 15-minutes and get to work!

How Free + Shipping Almost Put Me Out Of Business (for those of you who are involved in e-commerce)” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”]How Free + Shipping Almost Put Me Out Of Business (for those of you who are involved in e-commerce)” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”]How Free + Shipping Almost Put Me Out Of Business (for those of you who are involved in e-commerce)
Guys, I would like to warn you all to be VERY careful with Free + Shipping. This seems to be all the rage these days, however, I also see a ton of posts on e-commerce groups where people are increasingly frustrated that they are doing everything “by the book”, yet losing money.
Most people that go into Free + Shipping will lose money, especially if they are not aware of HOW top-level marketers use this strategy to make money. I am not saying that you cannot make money with Free + Shipping, but rather that beginners should stay far, far away from this, and I will detail why below…
The basic idea with Free + Shipping is that you create a bait offer in order to lure a large amount of potential customers to your store who would be more inclined to accept your “free” offer rather than a paid one, and you therefore make a small profit on each sale.
There are those who say that this is a good way to mature the pixel, but little do they know that Free + Shipping actually DESTROYS your standard conversion events on your pixel.
If you intend to promote your offers on Facebook (most likely you are, as I was), you need to understand the following:
The Free + Shipping pixel fires (AddToCart, Purchase, etc) are mixed with the retail price products. In my case, when I stopped pushing Free + Shipping offers (I was losing money…), I was optimizing my conversions for AddToCart/Purchase and I was failing big time! I was struggling to sell retail price products with the same Pixel data that I obtained from my wasted money on the Free + Shipping offers. I was stuck!
After an uphill battle to find solutions, I figured out that Free + Shipping offers tend to bring people who are not necessarily related to the niche, but rather just want to get a freebie.
Once Facebook gathers this data with no filtration, it will target a group of people who are not necessarily inclined to accept any further offers from you – you are telling Facebook what kind of person you want to target, and Facebook will do just that! You will not find quality buyers if you give Facebook Free + Shipping customers as its criteria.
Eventually, you would have a very hard time optimizing for conversions on the current audience, and when you would want to create a custom audience out of your F+S pixel fires – Facebook will gather the trash conversions and create a useless audience that you can create a LAA out of, but that would be useless too…
My suggestion to you, is that you should stay away from Free + Shipping, and if you must – do it properly, as this will destroy your pixel and stunt your store’s potential.
I hope this will keep your pixel safe and healthy!
For those of you that insist on doing Free + Shipping, regardless of my advice, I feel like I should at least give you this solution:
You should install a different tracking value for the AddToCart page for the specific Free + Shipping product(s). For example, if you have “fbq(‘track’,’AddToCart’);” as a part of your overall pixel, you should change it to something that will not be mixed with the other ATC/Purchase conversions – otherwise this will affect your store negatively as I’ve outlined above. Name your Free + Shipping tracking value to something other than AddToCard (for example: Lead/CompleteRegistration/etc) so that once it fires, it will not destroy your precious pixel. I also suggest that you do the same thing regarding InitiateCheckout and Purchase as well… In order for you to do it, you can contact Shopify support and have them walk you through it. It’s a delicate process to say the least.
To summarize: change your standard fbq(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’); to fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’); your fbq(‘track’, ‘InitiateCheckout’); to fbq(‘track’, ‘CompleteRegistration’); and fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’); to fbq(‘track’, ‘AddToWishlist’, { value: XX.XX, currency: ‘USD’}); for the particular F+S product that you are trying to promote.¬if_t=like¬if_id=1500249150187027

What to Sell ” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”]Hey guys,

This is my first ever value post and I would like to share it with you so please go easy on me 🙂

I’ve been doing e-commerce for well over a year now and have been thinking back on the mistakes I was making when testing my first products. Such minor things were costing me a huge amount of money and headache! Fast forward to now, and I have 4 stores which are evergreen (knock on wood). I see that a lot of people are still struggling with the same issues I was facing in the beginning of my e-commerce career, so I had to write this down to help you guys.

I will detail the steps that I was following when I started searching for products and testing them, eventually almost costing me my business! Read carefully till the end and you might just use my experiences to avoid making critical mistakes in your e-commerce business:

Looking for products on Watchcount-
Well, what can I say? Window shoppers are not a good enough indication for a winning product. If you saw toilet paper on watchcount with thousands of views and thousands of purchases – would you promote it? Get the point?

Looking for best-selling products-
Now I understand that a product that is “best selling” gives no indication whatsoever for something that might work. There are 2 scenarios, either I’m competing with a big shot that is already pouring thousands of dollars (in the best case) a day on marketing and my $20 PPE/VV is not competitive enough (Facebook is not stupid – it will give the people who will most likely purchase to the highest bidder/spender). The other scenario is that I’m competing with a big bunch of guys on the same starting point as me, who are already making sales, and the relevant audience is getting tired of seeing the same product in front of their faces (audience saturation).

Looking at what the competitor is selling and copy-pasting the products-
Never worked for me nor for any my e-commerce peers. It took me so much money and effort to realize that I simply could not sell the same products that my competition is selling because we are not on the same playing field! They have data – I don’t. They are already spending money on marketing – I don’t. They have social presence and I don’t. They have tens/hundreds of thousands of visitors each month – I don’t. You get my point, especially if you are a beginner – do not copy-paste the same products to your store. The only things I would really suggest you take from your competitors is their store layout, their about-us + policies and reword them to your needs, their e-mail marketing sequence, etc… Basically, everything BUT the products.

Promoting no-niche products (categories)-
Categories are groups of items that can be grouped together, but are very hard to target the raging fan audience that would open up their wallets and buy no matter what. For example if I’m selling watches – I cannot pinpoint the raging fan audience that will buy my watches. I can of course target watch brands but the competition in these interests pay A LOT of money to promote their watches and you will be hard pressed to convince a watch buyer to choose your unknown store over an established brand. I suggest you test niche products where you can easily find the passionate audience that might buy your product and easily convince them to purchase from your store..

Making a “jewelry” store and promoting Aliexpress products – 
This doesn’t work for so many reasons and I will try to get to the point as much as possible. Jewelry is a category that you cannot promote with a low budget on social media, or offer cheap $0-$50 products, because the audience that buys jewelry spends so much money on high quality products that they wouldn’t ever bother looking at my shady website where I’m pushing a cheap AliExpress product. They can see through it and this is why it didn’t work for me in the very beginning. Now I see a lot of beginners struggling with “jewelry” related products (no other niche involved). Same goes for watches – I recently saw an advert that offers a “free” watch where you just pay for shipping… As a grown up with money in my pocket I scrolled right past it, and I guess that any sane person with money in his pocket would scroll right past this tacky offer as well! It seems like only kids were engaging and liking, but not buying (I could tell by the comments…).

Little to no effort in the ad copy-
From my own personal experience, writing “Do you like this necklace? Tag and share with someone who might buy it.” is a total waste of time! After failing with this ‘proven ad copy’, I tried to understand the ad copy from the buyer’s perspective, and I realized that a grown up that speaks at least a little English will be asking himself “what the hell is this crap” and scroll on. My advice to you – make your ad copy on point! Especially when you see that a lot of people are using these types of ad copy on their adverts and truly think it’s totally fine to show it to their potential buyers – you will outshine them by far.

P.S – a personal tip – don’t do Free+Shipping unless you know how to use custom events on Facebook. If it would be interesting for you, I can expand on this later 🙂

I hope you guys can save yourselves time and money with what I wrote here.

True story:

A good selling product with low CPP and high profit margin with broad demand (sells in large audiences).

USUALLY can make you more money than any theory or scaling secret people try sell you on.

Yes, for those of you who already didn’t know Product is usually king in drop shipping, if it has mass market appeal you can scale it effortlessly.

That’s why people will tell you everything Except what to sell & how they sell it.

Because Even a monkey ? with a key board could probably scale a true winner past 6 figures and beyond ? lol.

One of my friends (their wasn’t a monkey btw, he is smart, but his strategy was simple)

…They were doing $30,000 a day by just increasing budgets on an ad set…

Wasn’t doing anything fancy, no fancy bidding, no fancy techniques or gimmicks people are trying to sell you on.

How does this work?

Why doesn’t anybody just tell you that your product & targeting sucks and that no Facebook ads course or training can help is what you are selling sucks?

Because it’s too simple for people to understand, most people think you need to be complex to make a lot of sales which it completely false, in fact the more that you simplify your approach, the higher % success rate you will have.

A true winning offer matched with the right audience, high converting & high AOV site is all it takes to change your life.

But most people think it’s all Facebook that will make them rich but it isn’t.

Facebook only works like magic if you match it with the things mentioned above.

Yes, Facebook is a social traffic source, (picture it like a busy street with people talking on it).

Picture your ad (like a banner you put out in the the front window to gain people’s attention).

And now picture your website or funnel store like the store people walk into off the street (FB new feed).

And they Walk in (you are waiting for them to buy) and you’re selling horse manure ??!!!

So walk straight back out without ordering anything!

But you can’t figure out why nothing is selling??

So you begging to get mad at Facebook.

Is it Facebooks fault ??

Is that the banners fault (the ad).

Or is that your fault for selling crap nobody wants in the form of ecommerce hose manure?! ?

I’ll let you answer that one… ?

Anyhow lets move on….

I heard a story recently from another guy recently who tested over 150 products and hadn’t made much drop shipping.

Until one Then eventually found 1 product that sold like dynamite.

Then, that 1 product went on to Make him his first $1,000,000 online.

So do you spend more time trying to sell stuff that doesn’t sell?

Or do you spend your time testing things until you find things that actually sell?

The answer to that question may hold the answer as to why some people can’t make a sale… while others have sold thousands!!

I hope this helps you guys gain some clarity on what’s most important to focus on.

Never 100% focus on ads, never 100% focus on funnel & products.

Go 50/50 and you’ll find more success sooner, never focus 100% on Facebook, or any traffic source for that matter until you’ve got something converting like hot cakes

Ecommerce site + AliExpress + Facebook ad = flood of customers.

I’m going to share with you now an easy method of how you can create a flood of customers to your website/shop.

Sign up to Ali Express and choose a ridiculously cheap product in your niche.

Make sure you choose a BESTSELLER when filtering and that it has free shipping worldwide.

When you have your product you need to add it to your shop. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a huge shop, you don’t. Just a few best selling items is enough, especially when just starting off and finding your way.

Next you need to run a facebook ad. To do that you need a page aswell. It doesn’t have to an expensive ad. You can run one for as little as $1 a day, I recommend at least 7 days running and starting Monday ending Sunday – this is just from personal experience that Saturdays seem to be very quite – people are out and about on Saturdays, Sundays are much busier online.

Make sure you target the right audience when constructing your ad. Target your niche – I will cover fb audience targeting in another thread.

You need a photo of what the product is, a small description, and if you also specify a limited amount, or a time limited offer this will create a ‘rush’.

Next you need to offer it for FREE. Yes for free! It’s the most powerful word in the world!

Then, although it is optional, you can put ‘just pay shipping’.
You will make your profit on the shipping, set at the price you wish, I wouldn’t go too high, always below $12 – $7 – $9 seems to be a sweet spot in my experience, but depends what you are selling.

Not only that, but you are going to get a lot of likes on your page and most importantly you will be capturing email addresses in your store and growing that ever important list.

Take a look at the examples below. In the first photo you can see how cheap these dog bracelets are, this one is £0.73 with free shipping. In the second and third photos you can see how the ads work, take note of the likes and shares and comments.

So many people will like and share and comment on this that all their friends will see that they have liked and commented to, thus creating the viral effect.

This is massive coverage in fb advertising, without breaking the bank.

Also make sure to tell your customers in your shop that due to high demand please allow up to three weeks for delivery. This covers you with the slow delivery from China.

Do this successfully and you are on your way to your very own dropshipping business

Finally, I’ve hit my goal of $100,000/day sales revenue. ??Since I achieved my previous milestone in Nov, it took me another 9 months to nail this today. During this period, I came close twice but it is always accompanied by undesired events and luckily third time’s a charm. I like to set such day goals for myself as I know due to my patient approach auto bid and way of scaling, if I do hit it, it would almost certainly mean that my overall sales revenue will be at another level.

The suggestion “Go on holidays, your sales will shoot through the roof” seems to work! Nah…that’s because I already have things in place, winners found and all I do each day is to optimize campaigns and scale. Prior to that is all hard work to grind results. During this 6 days of Bali Mastermind, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to optimize during the day and hence I made some changes to my usual routine. Instead of optimizing during 12pm-3pm, I woke up at 7am everyday and spent 1 hour to optimize my campaigns (internet speed is also the fastest during this time). Instead of basing on Today’s Stats (only 7 hours have passed, not a good indicator), I refer to Yesterday’s Stats to make a decision whether to scale or cut down on the budget of the ad set.

It’s not what you know but who you know. Being a corporate employee for 10 years, I know the importance of networking, people benefit more from personal connections than from their own knowledge. I would like to share a few instances during this time which have helped my business.

I used to have a team of 5 doing data entry whose main duty is to update the tracking codes to the Shopify orders. Each is paid around $250-$300. It is a mundane task and I knew sooner or later there will be a better solution. During a casual lunch conversation with local peers VC & TTH (not sure if they want to be tagged), I noticed that they have a lean team for the sales revenue their store is generating. And they shared that they are using an app which can upload the tracking numbers and the app only costs $5/month. After knowing that, I did a re-structure of my team, letting go data entry team/inefficient staffs and keeping the good ones and deploy them in other departments – it’s business and sometimes tough calls have to be made. But this app gives me problem after the most recent Shopify update (the one where the color changes to purple). Hence, I approach the support chat and they recommended me Mass Fulfill which is Free and that’s what I am using now.

The first time I met D (tag yourself?) is during the first dinner
Steve Tan organized at Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café, still remembered that I was late as I went to the Brewerkz Riverside Point as this is (known to me) the last confirmed venue in the facebook post. Months after that, during one afternoon…we are chatting online and somewhat talking of our stores’ progress/fb ads and I mentioned that I am paying my vendor through AliExpress. And he asked me if I’m using XX and subsequently introduced me to a program/extension which literally saves me money. Needless to say, I have started using it since then but to give an idea how much I have been missing out; If I were to know of the program last year…it would have saved me at least a low 6 figures sum.

Thanks to Steve Tan & Evan Tan for creating this wonderful ecommerce group, bringing together like minded individuals, creating value, giving tips, sharing apps/tools. The upcoming summit in October is definitely a good event to network. The VIP tickets might be sold out last night but I believe the next 2 tiers should still be available ->

The Bali Mastermind has been great and perhaps only in such a setting, people share openly (to a certain degree) what they are doing. I learnt a lot just by listening and think how it can be applied to myself. Looking forward to a Mastermind by the group founders.

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