Tips from growing a business from $0 to $250k in sales in 8 months without having any prior internet experience, just the very strong desire to master ClickFunnels:
So I’m no tech guru. Most of you probably aren’t either. And neither is Russell…
However, the people who are the absolute best at making sales funnels know that tech knowledge is something you can simply hire for.
These true ‘funnel masters’ truly understand one thing:
The Power of Keeping. It. Simple.
1) Keep the variables that could go wrong in your funnel to a MINIMUM
2) Run traffic to said funnel (organic traffic, paid ads, joint venture traffic, email list traffic, anything)
3) Look at what’s working, look at what’s not.
Ask yourself (REGARDLESS OF OPT IN RATES OR CLICK THRU RATES), am I getting a positive ROI?
If so… how positive?
Do you feel real good about it?
Or are you spending $4500 to make a $5000 commission?
If you don’t feel good about your numbers (your numbers are King, always always know your numbers, essentially the most important of those being,
“what does it cost for you to acquire a customer?”)
ANALYZE YOUR FUNNEL. see what’s working and what’s not, and ADJUST ACCORDINGLY.
If the LP sucks but everyone who opts in takes action, then maybe adjust ur LP.
If the opt in rate is super high but no one really gets past the thank-you page, then maybe adjust ur Thank You Page.
The reason ConfusionSoft is so damn annoying is cuz all those damn Marketers just wanna complicate everything way more than it needs to be…
And when that happens, it’s just a big headache when it comes down to trying to fix a not-yet-perfect funnel, because there’s SO many variables that could be wrong.
So Basically,
If you’re starting out, and you’re SO concerned about making sure everything is freaking perfect, you’re gonna fail for a WHILE ’til you realize that creating sales funnels is really as simple as the following:
1) Find an amazing offer that aligns w your passions
2) Drive traffic thru a SIMPLE funnel whose purpose is not to confuse the audience with tons of buttons or glitz and glam… but whose purpose is to guide the user gracefully to the end of it, as smoothly as possible.
3) Analyze the data you get after you get a few hundred (around a thousand is best for me) clicks. See what’s working and what’s not and ADJUST ACCORDINGLY!
All in all, I know so many of you here have all the puzzle pieces in front of you, you’ve got access to all the knowledge you can possibly need to create your dream lifestyle, whatever it may be…
BUT the big problem for most of you is that you just don’t know how to put those pieces together quite on your own yet. So keep trying to fit them together, and def don’t hesitate in investing in a mentor/guide to help you really nail that understanding of what is happening on a deep level, to truly allow your success to soar.
So I hope this post fit together some more of those pieces for you, and gave you a stronger understanding of the psychology behind what I know as the best way to approach creating your income through sales funnels.
I love you ALL Cf Family,
Thank you to everyone providing massive value inside this group.
And thank you to Russell Brunson for somehow creating a platform that can absolutely allow ANYBODY w drive to monetize their passions.
Godspeed to your MASSIVE success!
Keep at it, keep learning everyday, always envision your success as if it’s in the palm of your hand, and never, ever EVER give up
-Stephen J. Esposito