This is why Clickfunnels is such a powerful tool!

Okay, so my perspective on selling physical products with funnels has COMPLETELY CHANGED in the last month. I used to do it all in Shopify but now I use Clickfunnels (connected with appTrends to Shopify) and the funnel converts 10X more than the regular product page. YEP…

I created a full strategy that I want to share with you, so if you want to make sure to invest your money and get as many sales and data as possible, this one is for you.

My daily budget starts from $25. My goals: get sales, load my pixel with data, generate leads to my email list, generate leads to my chatbot, and create high-quality Lookalike audience to sell more ???

This is the workflow:

1️⃣️ Go to Amazon and search for the best sellers inside your niche. Find 3 products (1 cheap, 2 high tickets). Go to Aliexpress or any other supplier and find similar products at good price.

2️⃣️ Create a “Giveaway” funnel. In the giveaway, you need to choose one of the high ticket products. Make sure you have high margins on the product because in the next steps you will sell the product with discount.

Those are the pages inside the funnel:

page 1 is the optin page where the visitors join the giveaway (to convert them into leads to your email list)

page 2 is an OTO, telling them “only 5 will win the prize, get yours at 70% discount”

page 3 upsell (cheap product)

page 4 upsell (high ticket product)

page 5 thank you page

3️⃣️ Create a video post with images of the high ticket product, tell them about the crazy giveaway and add a strong call to action, both in the video and the ad copy. Your call to action is the word that triggers the chatbot. This way every comment with the word will turn the person into a subscriber inside your chatbot list. For example: “write ‘I’M IN’ if you want to join now!”

4️⃣️ Create a chatbot and connect it to the video post. Put the link of the funnel inside the chatbot message. My chatbot gets almost 90% open rate and 50-60% link clicks!

5️⃣️ Create a PPE ad with the video post. Test 5 different ad sets, each one for $5 daily budget. Try to target different audiences, some with broad targeting and some with flex targeting. Let it run for 3-5 days and see if people have any interest. Close the losers and scale the winners. Break your data as much as possible! You need to find out who is your potential buyer!!! Break it down by country, age, device, gender and etc.

6️⃣️ Create custom audience and lookalike audience with the 50-100% video viewers

7️⃣️ Create 2 retargeting ad sets, one for the custom audience and one for those who clicked but didn’t buy.

8️⃣️ Create new ad set for the Lookalike audience!

9️⃣️ Go over the comments, look for comments from people who have interest in the post but didn’t write the word that triggers the chatbot. Reply to their comments with your messenger ref URL so they will join your chatbot list!

BTW this is how I launch every product.

DONE! and ready to use.

Hope it helped! Have a great week!